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Ann's "Special Award's Page!"

These awards I've won now and the one's I receive in the future, will hold a very special place in my heart! I accept, each one with a "THANK YOU". To all, that have given me, these beautiful awards, they will have a special meaning to me!

This beautiful award is appreciated. I received this on Feburary 28, 1998. I "THANK YOU" Cyberscans!

I appreciate this beautiful award, Judi. Thank you very much. This award was given to me on June 19, 1998. Visit Judi's homepage HERE.Cooking With Judi's award

Thank You very much for this beautiful award Cindy. I really appreciate it. This award was received on August 7,1998!! Cindy has a site you must visit. Visit Cindy's home HERE.

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